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Bathroom Renovations
Tile & Flooring

- Tile & Flooring -

- Ceramic Tile -

Ceramic tile is a great addition to a newly renovated kitchen or bathroom. Whatever style tile you're looking for, our team can install it for you, and install epoxy grout to seal and finish the look! Our team is also able to replace old grout or fix loose tiles in your home.

- Vinyl & Wood Flooring -

If tile in your kitchen or bathroom isn't what you're looking at for your home, our team is also able to install vinyl sheet flooring! We can also sand down and refinish older wooden floors, giving them a revitalized like-new shine!

- Flooring Repairs -

Our team is fully prepared to work with rotting floorboards, or unlevel floors when tearing up old flooring. If your bathroom floor needs a repair before laying down new flooring, our team is well trained to execute any repairs neccessary.

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