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Bathroom Renovations

- Bathroom Renovations -

- Tiling & Flooring -

New ceramic tile or vinyl flooring can be a great way to update your bathroom with a fresh new look. Whether you're looking to replace your bathroom flooring, or tile your shower walls, our expertly trained team will be able to help!

- Showers, Sinks & Toilets -

Our team is well trained to replace all of your old appliances in your bathroom! Whether you're looking to replace your shower insert, tile your shower walls, or get a new sink or toilet, our team is able to help.

- Vanities & Lighting -

The best way to finish your newly renovated bathroom is with a fresh coat of paint, some bright lighting, and an updated vanity! Our team is skilled in replacing or adding light fixtures, and fitting in a new cabinet to complete your new bathroom.

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